American Metals Inc. is a proud supporter of raw material for the department of defense and supporting manufacturers. Defense contractors need suppliers that are quality driven and dependable. There are many factors that govern the supply and demand chain within these diverse manufacturers. Unique metal chemistries, engineering specifications, and delivery requirements are all things to consider when choosing your suppliers. American Metals Inc. has a proven track record of working within the scope of these crucial requirements and delivering excellent product and services.

American Metals understands that manufacturing firearms has become an exact science. It requires precision, creativity, and unique design of metals and metal-alloys. Specifications for these metals are constantly changing as design engineers strive for stronger, more reliable, and more accurate weaponry.

We are constantly educating ourselves on government regulations, legislative concerns, and industry directives. Our staff is current on the manufacturing process and is ready to discuss any supply needs you might have. We are proud to work with all our contractors in providing the metal materials used by our country’s defense organizations.

Understanding the crucial supply chain management programs that are associated with military contracts and private firearm manufacturers is our niche. Our ISO 9001certification and AS9100 certification give American Metals Inc. the ability to meet all your metal procurement needs. We’re proud to offer custom melt alloy grades as well as custom near net shapes and cold drawn parts to print.

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Commonly Ordered Grades:

CrMoV, 416 GBQ, 410 GBQ, 9310 H Mod, 4130, 4140, 4150, J775, 6150, 7120, 8620, 8640, 8650, 8740, C158, 718, 105, 1095, 1137, 6AL-4V, MK 19 Mtrl, 45 MM, Near Net Shapes, Titanium, Side Plate, Gas Block Mtrl, Gas Key Mtrl, Bolt Carrier Mtrl, Barrel Extension Mtrl, Suppressor Mtrl, Top Cover Mtl, Firing Pin Mtrl, Extractor Mtrl